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WaterAid regularly produces materials about policy and practice in WASH.
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WaterAid briefing on Global Goal indicators

Hand hygiene in health-care facilities

Interlinkages and post-2015 global indicators

WaterAid position paper on Sustainable Development Framework goal indicators

Goal 6 of the Sustainable Development Framework aims to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

The importance of WASH for lymphatic filariasis and leprosy care and inclusion

Climate finance and water security WaterAid briefing

Climate finance and water security

WASH and climate change


This December, world leaders will meet in Paris under the auspices of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to negotiate new binding obligations on all countries to act on climate change. A strong agreement to keep warming below two degrees and ensure sufficient climate finance to help poor countries adapt to a changing climate is a fundamental prerequisite to WaterAid’s mission towards universal access to WASH by 2030.

In parallel, WaterAid is increasing its own work on climate change. We focus on the role that sustainable WASH services play in enhancing climate resilience. We also advocate for international climate finance to support countries on their journey towards universal access to WASH. This ‘WaterAid and climate change’ briefing note outlines our approach to climate change, including how it affects our work and what we are doing to build community resilience to climatic impacts.

Report on Ethiopian Gov. and WaterAid at the Conference on Financing for Devel. in Addis Ababa

Report on Ethiopian Gov' and WaterAid side event at the Int' Conference in Addis Ababa