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Workplace events

Mingle with coworkers and transform lives at the same time!
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Cocktail parties, movie screenings and bake sales are all excellent ways to have fun, increase camaraderie and raise funds for WaterAid.

Workplace events provide a great opportunity to engage employees outside of their regular 9-to-5. Host a cocktail party, film screening or a company-wide bake sale. The sky’s the limit! We’re happy to help brainstorm with you on a fun and unique event that will dominate watercooler chats for months to come.

Fareportal casino night

Fareportal hosted a casino night fundraiser for WaterAid to celebrate their third anniversary. Employees could show their support by purchasing raffle tickets and playing chips that could be used at black jack, roulette and craps tables.

Fareportal team members playing roulette