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Water innovators

An employee development challenge for the ages.
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About Water innovators

This exciting program gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to help WaterAid reach more people with safe water and toilets while getting a unique learning experience. Your team will compete with others around the world to solve a real problem, raise funds for water and sanitation projects, learn new skills and work together to deliver the three parts of the program:

  1. Solve: bring your left-brain, bring your right-brain!

  2. Propose innovative solutions to a real problem faced by WaterAid in one of the countries we work in. We’ll set the challenge.You provide a solution!

  3. Fund: like Shark Tank without the quips

  4. Following a pitch to a panel of judges to win seed funding, your team will organize creative fundraising projects to raise more than $3,000 to support WaterAid projects.

  5. Learn: go forth and prosper

  6. You’ll learn new skills and leadership qualities to bring to your workplace and beyond. Find out how you can transform lives and learn new skills with Water Innovators:

    Water Innovators 2017

    Registration for 2017 Water Innovators teams is open now!. You need a motivated team of eight to 12 people and a senior colleague to act as the team’s sponsor. All ideas and applications welcome!

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    • November 2016 – February 2017 - Register your team(s) of between eight and 12 people. There can be more than one team per company. We'll let you know how to do this closer to the time
    • March 2017 - Teams receive all the materials they need to solve, fund and learn and launch their projects. April 2016 - Teams submit their business cases and pitch to a panel of WaterAid judges to receive seed funding.
    • June 2017 - As well as regular contact from WaterAid staff throughout the process, your team will get a midpoint check-in from our team.
    • September 2017 - Teams submit their final solve, fund and learn deliverables for initial judging.
    • October 2017 - Shortlisted finalists are invited to present to a panel of judges, before the overall winners and other awards are announced.


    As well as helping us by contributing your expertise, you'll develop professional skills including: project management, leadership, influencing, networking and commercial acumen.

    Our 2016 teams testified to the new skills they developed during the program: Over 95% developed skills that can be applied in the workplace.

    • 96% developed skills that can be applied in the workplace
    • 92% would recommend Water Innovators to others
    • 92% achieved personal learning objectives
    • 92% enhanced their communication skills
    • 91% enhanced their team working skills
    • 90% enhanced their influencing skills