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The simple joy of water and toilets!

See school children in Madagascar, two years after getting clean water and toilets.

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“With clean running water, studying at Tsimahavaobe was easier and we all had less things to worry about. We didn’t miss school and were able to focus on our studies; learning our lessons and listening to our teachers.”


Here’s what you helped make happen…

Catching up with Perlette

WaterAid first met Perlette when she was a 14 year old student at the Tsimahavaobe School. She dreamed of becoming a doctor but struggled to concentrate at school without water and toilets. She and her friends would often get sick from drinking the dirty water they collected each morning before school.

In 2013, with the help of the community and staff, WaterAid installed taps and toilets and life changed for kids and teachers. Perlette has now received her diploma from primary school and is studying in high school, one big step closer towards achieving her dreams!

“I still remember that before the water and sanitation project came to my school, lots of kids, especially girls, in our village dropped out after finishing primary school,” Perlette explained to WaterAid. “Who would have thought that most of my classmates would get our first diploma?"

Perlette’s best friend Zafera has also graduated from the Tsimahavaobe School. Although Zafera is now studying at a different high school than Perlette, they remain great friends and both dream about what’s possible for them in the future.

In the summer of 2013, the kids at the Tsimahavaobe School in rural Madagascar got clean water and toilets in their school for the very first time. This kind of impact on the lives of children and teachers wouldn’t happen without your support.

Now, two years later, we’ve caught up with some of the kids and teachers to see how their lives have changed with the arrival of water and toilets.

Big change for Mariette


The arrival of clean water and toilets at the Tsimahavaobe School has not only changed the lives of its students, but of its teachers as well. According to Mariette, one of the school’s teachers, the change in the kids has been remarkable. This made her job more positive as well! “The attendance rate has increased because students are healthy and parents have truly been motivated by WaterAid’s work,” she explained. “Students are no longer thirsty so they’ve become more active in school. They have more time to learn in the classroom now that they don’t have to go out in search of water or a household toilet”.

Your continued support means that more schools like Tsimahavaobe will experience the simple joy of clean water and toilets for very first time, helping students stay in school and remain healthy.