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See Beyoncé. End extreme poverty by 2030.

WaterAid has partnered with the Global Poverty Project on the Global Citizen Festival.

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Sep 18, 2015

Join WaterAid and our friends at the Global Poverty Project in New York’s Central Park Saturday, September 26 as we take a stand together on behalf of millions of people who suffer from the lack of basic access to clean water, toilets and hygiene.

In addition to a phenomenal line up of performers including Pearl Jam, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Usher, Global Citizens will have the chance to experience WaterAid’s “Loo with a View”—an interactive art exhibit that gives a flavor of what life is like for the 2.3 billion people across the globe without a safe, private toilet.

The Loo with a View is a toilet with a one-way mirrored door that will give you the feeling of what it’s like to go to the bathroom in plain sight. It’s a quirky experience, but it’s not a unique. It’s exactly what millions of people confront on a daily basis when they have nowhere safe to go to the toilet and often suffer the indignity of being stared at, harassed or even attacked.

Open defecation and the lack of toilets is an issue that affects as many as 1 in 3 women and girls worldwide, who often have to wait until dark to go in the open, making them more vulnerable to abuse.

At WaterAid, we believe that everyone, everywhere has the right to clean water, toilets and basic hygiene like hand washing. Look for us at the festival to check out the loo, snap some fun #GiveAShit photos with your friends and sign our petition to ensure that world leaders include hygiene in the new Global Goals.