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New mobile phone service offers hope

 The People’s Operator will give customers the chance to combat the water crisis.

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Jul 23, 2015
"We’re excited to be partnering with WaterAid to deliver goodness with every connection. By selecting WaterAid, TPO subscribers have the option to transform lives—making clean water and toilets a reality for people living in some of the world’s poorest, most marginalized communities in the world." - Mark Epstein, CEO & Founder, The People's Operator

Founded on the idea that mobile could be used to change lives for the better, The People’s Operator (TPO) gives customers the choice of directing 10% of their monthly mobile spend to nonprofits including WaterAid, at no extra cost to them.

WaterAid joins a range of TPO partners who are taking part in TPO’s mission to raise billions of dollars for nonprofit causes. Under the new partnership, TPO and WaterAid will tap into TPO’s platform to raise funds and awareness for critical water, sanitation and hygiene programs. The platform offers customers the chance to give 10% of their monthly mobile spend to WaterAid or the cause of their choice.

“WaterAid’s new partnership with The People’s Operator is one that benefits everyone”, said WaterAid America CEO, Sarina Prabasi.

“It’s an exciting and innovative model that gives mobile customers the ability to support causes that are meaningful to them without spending any additional money. When TPO customers choose to direct 10% of their monthly mobile spend to WaterAid, they will be freeing women and girls from the heavy burden life without access to clean water and toilets. Instead of spending hours each day collecting water or looking for a safe place to go to the bathroom, TPO customers who direct their contributions to WaterAid will be giving people living in poverty the chance to get an education, grow healthy food and lead healthier, more dignified lives.”