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Are you made of the stuff that makes history?
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By working together, we can reach everyone, everywhere with safe water and toilets by 2030 – one family, one village, one country at a time.

We’ve made real progress!

Every year, 78 million people are turning on a tap or using a pump for the first time. If we can reach just 8% more people a year, together we’ll achieve our ambitious goal.

This is thanks to people like you – people made of empathy, compassion and generosity – the stuff that makes history!

Are you made of the stuff that makes progress happen?

Vimphere is a rural area in Malawi. The only source of water is a spring outside the village. It often dries up during the dry season and the community has to wait for the water level to rise again or walk to a nearby stream. During the rainy season the spring becomes very muddy and filled with leaves, again forcing the community to use water from the stream.

In the last three years they have seen the water run dry earlier and earlier, now from as early as June compared to September in previous years.

You can make a difference!

Meet some of the people who will benefit from your incredible generosity.

Photo: WaterAid/ Alexia Webster

Meet Esnart.

Esnart lives in Vimphere with her one-year-old son, Jafali. Every day, Esnart gets up at 3am. She walks in the pitch dark with a 5 gallon bucket to a deep mud hole that serves her community. If the hole is dry, which is happening more and more often, she leaves her bucket to hold her place in the line and goes home to start her daily chores.

"Water is essential for our lives in this village and we really need help with it. For my family and for myself to have access to safe and clean water would mean a lot because it would mean we would live a healthy and happy life."

Photo: WaterAid/ Alexia Webster

Meet Shayilini.

Shayilini is a 13-year-old girl from Vimphere.

"Despite having water problems in my village, together with my sister, we wake up early in the morning to fetch water, dress up and go to school which is some 8 km away from here. With the frequent diseases people in this village suffer from especially diarrhea, I would like to be a doctor someday so that I can treat them and make them better."

A borehole can transform lives.

Help us bring clean water to Vimphere. We can't do it without you.

Photo: WaterAid/ Alexia Webster

Meet Zione.

Zione and her 2-year-old daughter, Flora, live in a multigenerational household with mother, grandmother and great-grandmother in Chandaka, Malawi. WaterAid helped this hillside community of 160 people drill a borehole last year.

“When the borehole was put in, it was a very happy moment for us and we celebrated the whole night, we didn’t sleep because we were afraid they might take it back. We had to make sure the borehole was here to stay.”

Be a part of a making history!

Life in the village is very different now. Safe water has had a ‘ripple effect’ that has changed everything. In each community, safe water and sanitation not only bring health; they bring education, employment and the opportunity of a better future for everyone.

You can help make history, today.