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Harness enthusiasm: use our resources to inspire young minds
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Manuel Gomez

Manuel combines years of experience in the non-profit sector with a drive to inspire enthusiasm about WaterAid's mission to communities, schools and individuals. +1 (212) 683 0430

Students are some of our best supporters – whether you are learning about water technologies or organizing your club’s fundraiser, you’ve come to the right place!


Elementary school activity sets

The following resources about water, sanitation and hygiene designed to complement teachers' curriculum. All of the reports listed below contain practical experiment instructions, teacher notes and a Q&A section. 

The Physics of Flushes and Flows

This module teaches students the basic physics of a siphon toilet.

Pumping it up

This education module explores how water is stored underground and how it can be pumped to the surface.

Water's deadly connection

This module offers students the opportunity to model the strategy used by John Snow in 19th century London to identify the source of a cholera epidemic.

Down the divide

This education module offers students the opportunity to build a model of natural mountainous terrain and predict how water will behave when it "rains" upon this landscape. 

The Adventures of Super Toilet 

Suitable for students of all ages, this hilarious online animation teaches the importance of safe water, sanitation and good hygiene. With accompanying activity sheet for Kindergarten and elementary students.

Take action!

Once you’ve tried to imagine what it’s like to live without water or sanitation, it’s hard not to get up and do something! You can help more people in need of these vital services by raising money for WaterAid. Start fundraising today!

Meet some of our fundraising heroes

British International School of New York

Second-graders at the British International School of New York raised nearly $5,000 by getting sponsored to walk 3.5 miles along the bank of the East River carrying buckets and jerry cans.

River Oaks Elementary School

As part of their annual water unit, second-graders at River Oaks Elementary School in Houston, TX have been raising funds since 2008 – over $15,000 to date!

Sloan Creek Middle School

Students in grades six through eight of Sloan Creek Middle School in Fairview, TX raised an impressive $7,093 through a three-mile Walk for Water event. “The course was a great way for students to experience firsthand the distance people walk to fetch water each day” noted Service Learning Coordinator Courtney Todd.