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Just $25 provides clean, sustainable water to one person. What will you do?
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Elena Marmo

Elena works closely with our community supporters to equip them with the tools to succeed. From schools to community groups, from thrill enthusiasts to activists, our community supporters have done it all.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to Elena for more details-

Just $25 can provide one person with access to clean water.

It's easy to raise money for WaterAid!

1. Become a water champion!

You can create a personal fundraising page on here and keep track of your campaign! Sign up alone, with friends, or your colleagues - - the more the merrier! Once you have created a fundraising page, you can think about what you'll do to fundraise...

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2. Get inspired!

Whether you're looking to raise funds through a dance-off, a bake sale or tie-dye crayons with your classmates, Classy makes it easy. You can also see what some amazing fundraisers have been up to and get some great ideas for your own fundraising.

Ideas and inspiration >

Gamification for the nation - host a games night Ashley

3. Share the water story

Take a look and share stories from our work

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4. Speak out and take actions!

Beyond fundraising there are so many ways to get involved with WaterAid.

Whether it's with your workplace, school, friends or community, you can find various toolkits here that provided activities, event ideas and opportunities to use your voice to raise awareness for the WASH crisis.

Want to find out more about what we do? Check out our FAQs