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Empowering Communities

By working with local partners we’re able to invest in the future of local communities.
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We invest in our local partners by providing financial support, training and technical advice, so they can both deliver the project and ensure long-term success.

Local partners, sustainable services

Empowering partners encourages greater independence and less reliance on WaterAid’s support, enabling us to go on to work with others knowing that any future issues can and will be solved.

Our projects become locally owned and are long lasting solutions.

Composting toilets

Buddhi Sipai from Nepal explains how his composting toilet provides free compost he can use to grow fruit and vegetables with.

Rainwater harvesting

Toujani from Mali explains how his community collects rainwater during the rainy season and stores it in a tank ready for use during the dry season, which saves them having to travel to the next village in search of water.

Rope pump

Martin Ouedraogo, affectionately known as "the rope pump guy" by locals in his community in Burkina Faso, explains how rope pumps work and how they are helping to reduce water-related diseases.