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Go blue, connect with customers, and transform lives in the poorest communities.
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Jennifer Colletti-Membreño

Jennifer Colletti-Membreño - what can your brand bring to the table?

We can work with your marketing, corporate social responsibility and sustainability teams to create a strategy that demonstrates your commitment to the global water crisis. Let's talk. Jennifer Colletti-Membreno +1 (212) 683 0430
Want to join our roster of rock star companies that are changing the world while energizing and growing their customer base?

WaterAid works with top global brands to provide water, sanitation and hygiene programs to some of the poorest communities.

Do you want to increase brand awareness, foster employee and customer engagement and facilitate business development, all while transforming the lives of those who need help the most?

A partnership with WaterAid can help you strengthen corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs, commit action toward the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and bring life-saving clean water and sanitation to the world’s poorest communities.

Learn more about the ways we can work together.

Employee engagement

What do the H&M Conscious Foundation, TOMS, American Standard and Emu Australia all have in common?


Have a look at how we can work with your brand to boost employee engagement and increase awareness

Social media engagement

One of the easiest ways to help spread the word about WaterAid’s work is to take part in social media and advocacy campaigns. We lead digital campaigns every year for World Water Day, Menstrual Hygiene Day and World Toilet Day. Check out how you can get involved with one of our digital initiatives.

Leadership development

Leverage the unique talents of employees at all levels throughout your global workforce with this engagement tool. Your Water Innovators team will compete with others from around the world to propose innovative solutions to a real problem faced by WaterAid in one of our country programs and organize fundraising activities to support WaterAid projects. Learn more on how to include Water Innovators in your talent management program.

Workplace events

Transforming lives has never been more fun. Break out of the 9-to-5 grind and raise awareness about WaterAid’s mission with a workplace event. Host a cocktail party or have a silent auction. Build camaraderie and make a difference. Learn more about different types of workplace events.

Payroll giving

Employees can designate a portion or percentage of every paycheck to WaterAid. $1 or $5 a paycheck may not seem like a lot, but that money can make a world of difference. For every $1 invested in water and sanitation, you get a return of $4. All of a sudden that $24 becomes $96, and that $120 becomes $480. If your company matches charitable gifts, then your employees' impact can go even further.

Community building events

Engage customers and employees alike by sponsoring a WaterAid fundraising event. Host a 5K, bowling tournament or other competitive event and encourage team members to collect donations from family and friends. You can even host a fundraiser directly through Facebook. Visit our community fundraising page for more ideas on how you can get started.

Marketing partnerships

Product partnerships

Product partnerships are a key way to engage with your current customers and introduce your brand to new, socially-conscious audiences. Learn more about how we collaborate with brands on product sales.

Campaign and event sponsorship

WaterAid executes comprehensive, multi-channel campaigns for our three biggest days of the year: World Water Day, Menstrual Hygiene Day and World Toilet Day. These initiatives often include in-person activation events. We have a variety of sponsorship packages available for all of our in-person events, or you could sponsor an entire campaign.

Check out The Shit Show from World Toilet Day 2015.

Targeted support

Does the work that we're doing in one or more of our 38 country programs directly speak to you and your company's mission? You can support a specific program area with an outright gift through your organization's foundation, charitable giving division or corporate social responsibility department. Contact us for more details.

If you want to change lives, please get in touch

Our Corporate Brochure goes into more detail about partnership examples and opportunities.

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