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Success in Vimphere

Thanks to your incredible generosity, Vimphere now has running water!
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Photo: WaterAid/ Dennis Lupenga

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Jan 3, 2017
We asked, and you answered! Vimphere village has a new borehole, and the community members have access to clean water.

The village of Vimphere can now truly celebrate as the community has a source of clean, running water for the very first time. This borehole will have a lasting impact on each and every person in the region. Children will miss less school, residents can concentrate on economic opportunities, families can spend more time together and everyone will be healthier.

Take a look at some of the changes you made happen:

Shayilini and Fatsani

Photo: WaterAid/ Dennis Lupenga

“I would get sick each and every month. In as much as I would love to attend school every day, it has been so hard for us. Most pupils from this village have been attending school while sick let alone unbathed. I missed lessons as well as exams mostly as such I keep repeating classes”- Shayilini, 13.

“We have water, safe water and I am happy because I sleep required hours now and go to school in good time. Actually come end of term am sure I will come out with good grades,” – Fatsani, 15.


Photo: WaterAid / Dennis Lupenga

“You have brought us freedom where we now wake up in the morning as other normal people do since there is no longer a reason for us to spend a night at the spring.

This is like a dream come true. Out of the 16 villages around Vimphere, we are the only village with a borehole. We are very lucky to have potable water at last.”


Photo: WaterAid / Dennis Lupenga

“Having water close has changed my life together with those of my fellow villagers. Currently, I will be able to help my husband in his businesses and also effectively execute my household chores.”

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