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Count on WaterAid to remain as committed as ever

Let's talk about an issue we can all agree on.
Feb 2, 2017

news story
Success in Vimphere

Thanks to your incredible generosity, Vimphere now has running water!
Jan 3, 2017

news story
2016 in review

See what you made happen in 2016!
Dec 21, 2016

news story
What are you made of?

Are you made of the stuff that makes history?
Dec 9, 2016

news story
The Mannequin Challenge

WaterAid takes on the Mannequin Challenge in Madagascar and Nepal.
Dec 4, 2016

news story
La Niña and El Niño

What kind of damage can these weather phenomena cause in La Guajira, Colombia?
Nov 30, 2016

news story
Updates from Waslala

LAC Regional Rep, Joshua Briemberg, outlines recent developments in Nicaragua.
Nov 23, 2016

news story
You can help!

Make the challenges faced by communities in Waslala a thing of the past.
Nov 9, 2016

news story
An open letter

To the next President of the United States
Oct 28, 2016